I am People song by Lavoisier,2014

           I am People, song by Lavoisier_13x13(cm)each_pvc,enamel


           I am people, song by Lavoisier_50x50(cm)left, 70x70(cm)right_aquarelle on paper

       Templet for 'I am People, song by Lavoisier' series_20x30(cm)_ink on paper

Using the French decorative technic, decalcomania I coded words of the song to simple dots in a certain     square(each word) with color and press on another paper. The templet shows the words and how(which direction) I press them on another paper. 

        Untitled_variable size_ink on chinese clay

           Untitled_21x14(cm)_aquarelle on paper,pencil

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